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I Hate Taxes

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

I Hate TaxesI’m taxed when I make money and when I spend money. The government even taxes me for living in my home. Paying your taxes is not easy either. You need to know what you’re doing or you could be paying more than necessary or you could be paying too little and end up with an IRS audit. So how is the average person supposed to pay their taxes? Does the government send you a bill in the mail or provide you with a service to explain the process? Ha!

I have to spend money on tax software or hire a tax consultant if I want to pay my taxes. And guess what? You’re taxed on that too! I’m even taxed on the income that I am making from advertisements on this website.

There’s no escaping taxes and that’s why I was excited to hear about This site explains how you can take certain deductions to pay less taxes than if you didn’t have Google Adsense in the first place. So if you have Google Adsense on your site, check it out now.

Enter the Toyota Matrix

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Toyota SignWe recently entered the Matrix for the first time. The Toyota Matrix that is, and it wasn’t green as we had expected, it was more like an indigo ink color.

So far, we’re extremely pleased with the purchase. It has everything we were looking for and more.

The look of a car is important to me and this car fits the bill perfectly. I plan on driving to the park one nice day before I crash and taking some nice photos.