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What a Crazy Night… CRASH!

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

CRASH!So Anna and I had a pretty crazy night last night. I was fighting off a stomach flu and we were both lying in bed around 12:30am when all of a sudden we heard this tremendous crash followed by a car alarm. A group of girls had driven across our neighbors lawn, hit their porch and smashed into the Anna’s mom’s car. Everyone is okay, both of their air bags deployed, one girl went to the hospital to have her knee checked out but it was a good sign to see her standing on it. We’re guessing that they were going about 40 mph or so.

They hit a wooden fence further south down the street and continued on. They just barely missed the tree on our neighbors lawn. There was a bottle of alcohol in the car and the cops told us that drugs were also involved. One girl was throwing up and another was yelling back at the cop. It wasn’t a pretty scene plus it was freezing outside.

I feel bad for Anna’s mom’s car but if it weren’t for it, then they would have surely crashed into our living room.

What’s My Name?

Friday, January 12th, 2007

I want to start a Limited Liability Company for my websites.

What should I name my company?

TacosnTonic, LLC
Freeple, LLC
CDogCreations, LLC

Football Bingo Card

Friday, January 5th, 2007

SmileyCentral.comGoing to a Football party? Having the guys over to watch Football? Looking for a fun party game that everyone can play?

Make sure to check out my new Football Bingo Card now. Print a bunch and hand them out at the party. It’s fun, free and easy to play!

Each time you refresh the Football Bingo Card page, the events are randomized and a new card is created. Unlike my Super Bowl Bingo Card you can change the football teams. Just print, refresh and repeat. It’s that simple!

If you had fun playing, email me and let me know. Tell your friends, family and coworkers! Use my Tell a Friend feature on the right.

The Purple Phantom

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Mazda Mazda3 Purple PhantomI just ordered a brand new, Mazda 3S Grand Touring from Mazda. The color? Phantom Purple.

It’s got everything that I wanted AND it looks cool. Well it might not have everything, but I’m already looking into mods that I can do. I saved money by not getting a remote starter and a GPS unit and I plan on using that money I saved to get those things, and more. The GPS that would have come with the car was pretty bad and you can do so much more with other models for much cheaper.

Also on the list of mods? Definitely some tinted windows. And I’m also thinking about adding a kick ass spoiler, maybe in yellow.

Does it remind you of anything?