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It’s Not a Cyst

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Not A CystHere’s an interesting story that recently happened to me. I call this story: It’s Not a Tumor Cyst.

I went to my physician for a regular checkup and I pointed out a small bump on my forehead near my hairline. The bump is underneath a mole and just recently I noticed it had gotten slightly larger. The doctor recommended that I go see a plastic surgeon to have it examined. Since I was covered for medical insurance, I went.

The plastic surgeon figured that my mole was covering up a small cyst filled with liquid that had built up. It’s like a zit or pimple but you certainly don’t just pop it. She wanted to remove it and because her next appointment canceled, she could do it right away and it would be super quick. Sounded good to me.

After the surgeon “opened me up”, she noticed that 3 blood vessels were all intersecting in the same spot and had all dilated. There was a lot of blood and the procedure went on longer than she or I had wanted. It didn’t help that I was drinking coffee before the visit and I had to go to the bathroom badly. During the procedure, I felt my classic cluster headache symptoms. I felt pain directly behind my left eye, my nose began to water and I started to sweat in the face. When I mentioned this to her, she applied pressure on the blood vessels and asked if I felt that same pain. Sure enough, I did.

This is potentially great news. This means that we might have found the cause for my headaches!!!

The surgeon is having a small piece tested in the lab, and I have to wear this lovely head gear for a few days. It hurts a little and I can’t bend over, raise my blood pressure, or have blood rush to that spot in my head otherwise it will hurt. Originally this was supposed to be a simple procedure so we weren’t in the operating room. She was only able to suture two of the blood vessels in the very small incision that she had made. She gave me 8 stitches and closed me up.

The plan right now is to let this heal and see if I receive any more headaches. I’m starting another “cluster headache season” right now so hopefully I don’t get any. Otherwise we can schedule a visit to the operating room where she can remove more of the unnecessary blood vessels. Luckily our bodies have more than we need.

More Pictures of Kaylee Ann

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

By popular demand, I’ve posted some pictures of our beautiful Kaylee Ann Canoni. Enjoy!

I recently got a new High Definition video camera that takes some amazing quality video. Once I figure out how to post those, I’ll be sure to share. More pictures to come, so check back soon.

And unfortunately, “Kaylee” is not available as a vanity license plate 🙁

D3nied by the DMV

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

My license plate of 0X800080 was denied by the New York DMV. The reason they gave was:

The plate configuration may be confusing or objectionable to Law Enforcement. No substitution of the number “0” the letter “O” is permitted on any style plate. On the blue banner “picture” plate, the number “1” cannot be substituted for the letter “I”.

Boo! My current license plate is more confusing! How is this confusing???

Top of Empire plate - 'NEW YORK' in white lettering overlaying a blue panorama showing Niagara Falls, mountains and New York City skyline.
Left border line of Empire passenger plate first position of plate numbersecond position of plate numberthird position of plate numberfourth position of plate numberfifth position of plate numbersixth position of plate numberseventh position of plate numbereighth position of plate number Right border line of Empire passenger plate
Bottom of Empire passenger plate - 'THE EMPIRE STATE' in white lettering overlaying a dark blue stripe.

So now I must continue my quest to find the perfect license plate. Any suggestions?

Previous license plate posts: More License Plate Ideas, I Am Error, L1cen5e Pl8

Here’s the New York Custom Plate Lookup Tool.

Kaylee Ann Canoni

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Stork and BabyPlease welcome Kaylee Ann Canoni to the world.

She arrived on August 4th, 2007 at 12:13am. She weighs 7 pounds 5 ounces and is 20 inches long.

Mommy, daddy and baby are doing wonderfully!

Pictures to come.

It's a Girl!