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I Made a Kite from Scratch

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

On vacation recently, I made a couple of kites with my friend Matt. We used dried hollow sticks similar to bamboo, garbage bags liners, duct tape and string. 100% custom kite that was all natural, organic, homemade and non toxic.

Kite attempt #1

Traditional style kite that worked well with some fine tuned adjustments to string angle and position. It ended its career as the worlds best kite when it flew off into the cold ocean.

Kite attempt #2

This kite resembled a wind sock more than a standard kite.

Would YOU Ignore an Error on the Large Hadron Collider?

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

I’ve been reading a lot about the Large Hadron Collider recently and it’s been extremely fascinating. I was concerned watching this video when I saw the control panel and these 4 options for operating the Large Hadron Collider:

Large Hadron Collider Kill

If I were an operator, I’d “kill” the Large Hadron Collider if lights were flashing and alarms were going off. So it makes sense to have a “kill” option, you know, just in case sh*t is hitting the fan. But an option to “ignore error”?

I wonder how many times you can push “ignore error” before something bad happens.